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tv   Eyewitness News Weekend Edition  CW  February 3, 2013 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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they were high fiving one another and then they failed to get that two-point conversion and penalties were called.
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time outs were used up. when they did not convert, that's when the crowd pretty much knew that it was over. folks that were stunned in disbelief, some were even in tears. >> they should have checked it. >> it hurts, it hurts. it hurts like none other. you go through your whole entire line up. and i went to '94, you know, my only time. but it hurts to lose in that game. the top of the top and you go down like this. it's rough. >> and the monday morning quarterbacking has already begun. we've heard from fans who said maybe if alex smith was in the game, maybe if they called that holding penalty on that run that crabtree made into the end zone. over and over though we heard from fans say next year. we'll get them next year. ken? >> i can't believe somebody
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actually asked for alex smith back in the game. people get desperate. people in desperate times, desperate ideas come up. but listen to this, we did a little math rear. >> yeah. >> the certain subset, if they are not all that bummed right now. these would be the people where they would put their money where their hearts were that put the wager down and i think that they would cover. >> they might have covered, yeah, yeah. we will go to reno and glen ramirez is standing by. is that a fact? >> reporter: well you know there's a thing around here in reno right now. it doesn't matter if you win or lose, but how you played your bets. there's a lot of fans that went home ejected because their team did not come out victorious with another super bowl victory, but their wallets might have been happier. doesn't matter if a team wins or loses when it comes to proposition betting. gamblers didn't wait for the game to begin to place their bets. some lined up in the dawn's
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early light to wager on whether or not alicia keys would plague the national anthem. >> the coin flip was huge. heads is on a roll right now. they hit four in a row. >> reporter: called proposition betting with the final score that does not matter. >> it's all the parts of the game that will give you even the ordinary every day person, something else that they could get a little action on. >> reporter: the sportsbook at the casino published 12 pages of prop bets, a growing trend in the industry. which team scores first, which team punts first. even betting on beyonce's hair style and colin kaepernick during the game. >> it makes it more interesting and fun. >> reporter: do you bet a lot? >> no, this is my first time really betting. >> reporter: dan of roseville is a 49ers fan, but won big on the ravens touchdown. >> wearing number 80 to 89, and i won $100 because it was 81.
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>> reporter: speaking of money estimated that around $100 million was wagered on the super bowl tonight just here in nevada. that's up from about $93 million last year and a big reason for that is colin kaepernick. you know, he's not really a local-born kid, but he went to school here in nevada, reno. a lot of people would like to bet him and he is made for proposition betting because you can bet on whether or not he'll complete x number of passes or create x number of chances or yards during his runs. so he's really a good person for betting and you can bet that this proposition betting, which is starting to catch on all over the betting world is going to be even bigger next year if the niners can somehow make it back to the super bowl. >> kaepernick or you would kaepernick. >> he is probably in there somewhere. lenny was there all day, smiling. so he probably came out a little bit on top.
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>> listen, michelle has had a long week in new orleans. we want to check back in with her right now. and you are all alone on the streets right there, michelle. it means all the 49er faithfuls have bailed on you. what's going on? >> reporter: yeah, i don't know really where they're at. maybe they are on bourbon street with sugarman, but we're in the warehouse district right now. much more mellow right here. but as you can see the party is still going on, but unfortunately it's for the ravens fans and not the 49er fans. we did hang out with both tonight watching the game. there were many sports bars hosting super bowl parties, including a bank that set up a big screen outside of the bank and many people who were just walking down the sidewalk decided to go. they had a little barbecue. of course they watched the game. this was an emotional game for the 49er fans. here's what they said after the game.
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>> i will always believe and love the 49ers forever. harbaugh, we love you, the niners, we love you. we will always be there. one heck of a game. we appreciate everything that you've done for us as fans and as a team we are one. >> reporter: and the 49ers faithful. they are saying hey, we'll just wait until next year. now i have to tell you probably about 20 minutes ago we saw the buses go by for the ravens and the 49ers. all these guys standing out here, of course, were cheering on both of the buses. oh well, ken and stan, maybe next year. >> awe, we have to wait another season. we've got baseball starting in a couple of weeks. >> yes, pitchers and catchers are showing up. so it will be good to be a sports fan right now. >> all right, michelle, thank you for that. all right listen when we
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come back you're going to meet the architect who designed this new bridge and you are not going to believe what he patterned that525-foot tower after -- 525-foot tower after. he's never talked about it before, but we'll have it for you when we come back. this is a super night presented by toyota in the all new redesigned 2013 rav4. ,,,,
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and our kpix live coverage here on the eastern span of the bay bridge continues tonight. i'm ken bastida along with stan bunger. >> you know, ken, this was super sunday and very super sunday with the 49ers in the game hoping to join the
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pittsburgh steelers as the only team ever to win six of these things. it didn't happen, but people had all sorts of ways of making plans for today. some just honkerred down at home, some headed out to be with others and some went to a theater in livermore where we find juliette goodrich. juliette, i imagine the party did not end the way it did? >> reporter: no, it didn't, but the way to hunker down with a huge bowl of popcorn to watch it at the theater, guess what the movie was called, "this super bowl." check it out. a big family fun. 49er fans and yes a few ravens fans who decided to watch the super bowl in a movie theater. we're talking about a 30-foot wide high-definition screen with seating for more than 200 people. this is the vine. they have tables, chairs, couches, a nice menu. of course the cbs libations.
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they were definitely watching actively, unlike a movie where you need to be quiet. a lot of these fans stood up and cheered obviously in the second half when things really got going. they stood up and cheered for those niners. and yes the fans were a bit disappointed at the end of the movie, but certainly applauded their effort. a great season as they hope to come back next year again for the super bowl movie next year. >> it was very fun, yeah, we were disappointed that the niners didn't win, but it was a very fun event and it was close. >> they were very close. better luck next year. go ninners. >> reporter: so here we are with our popcorn eating it all evening long. everyone cleared out of the streets heading home. they said it was a great way to watch. you know what it was one thing that i noticed, good family fun because all the kids were there, able to watch it with their family and their parents and cheer them on. and of course not the ending we wanted, but certainly a good time by all.
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>> it's great. one time you wouldn't mind going to the movies and having the guy talk a little. >> yes. you know what don't feel so bad. it's just an honor to be nominated. oh wait, that's the grammies. that's next sunday. all right, we'll get to that as well. hey listen. the bridge here is more than just a way to get across the bay obviously. this thing if you look at it closely is a work of art. recently i had a chance to sit down with the architect who designed this amazing work of art. and as you will find out, there is nothing here left to chance. it rises some 525 feet above the bay. blazing white against the sky. the center piece of a creation that blends architecture and engineering in a way no one has done it before. >> there's chaos and order, okay. when you bring the two together you get electricity. how are you going to make them work? and that's for me when ideas really started to pop. >> reporter: donald mcdonald is
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the man who came up with the idea to build a single tower self anchoring suspension bridge on a scale never tried before. >> let's start with the design itself. it doesn't look like any other bridge i've ever seen. why is it so different looking? >> the thing about the bridge that makes it quite different structurally is the anchoring bridge. >> reporter: what does that mean? everyone is familiar with the golden gate bridge. its separate twin cables are suspended over twin towers, then anchored to the ground in concrete and rock. mcdonald's design is radically different. it uses a single continuous cable that is anchored to the roadway itself. >> it was the way that you do with the suspension bridge without anchoring the cables into the ground. >> reporter: here is how it works. the engineers will build the deck on temporary support. and then the tower goes up and looping up and over that tower are strands of steel cable. each thickness of the pencil
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that wrap around and back over the tower before being anchored to the desk. workers then bundle the strands together to form the 10 million pound main cable that holds up the parallel roadways, which hang right alongside the huge tower without actually touching it. and you're not going to believe how mcdonald came up with the tower design. >> five, four, we have ignition. >> tell me about the saturn 5 rocket and how all of that works into the way this tower looks. >> they are some of the first people that showed us the idea as they had to get something that was out there for themselves that will be lasting for the next few years. well there will be a lot of space exploration and the rockets here and there. >> reporter: so he patterned the design after the saturn 5. the rockets that took the astronauts to the moon. his original drawings, they show the striking similarities. >> and it has a lot of
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similarities. the base of it is the single tower. the negative spaces like that here and they have these rounded elements. like the hook. when you match them up. they are just dynamite how they came together. >> bringing elements together, it's a hallmark of mcdonald's design. and his almost compulsive need to match things up to be seen throughout the bridge. >> if you look at the peers that are under the main deck, the viaducts. you'll see all corners of the same shapes of the tower. the same shape as in your leg standards that will be held up for this pattern that will be repeated wherever you can. >> reporter: no detail has been overlooked from the color white to match the huge container frames from the port of portland to the geometric slopes of the single cables to match that of the great golden gates. >> what do you want the average guy, the guy who drives to work across that thing. what do you want him to understand about this? >> reporter: the thought that went into the artistic side of
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it. and the mixture of, you know, you see the architecture and engineering. when they come together, that's when they get the best bridges in the world. >> reporter: so the next time you visit cape kennedy in florida and you see the big saturn 5 rocket hanging from the ceiling, you can think to yourself, hey, i know a bridge that looks just like that at the san francisco bay. that's right. our meteorologist, he's standing right on the other side of the big tower right now, paul? >> i will tell you what, we are half a mile away from you and you're about one microclimate away. believe it or not there were different microclimates on the bay bridge. find out how the weather impacts the construction and they will continue to impact this bridge coming up next in my special report. at embassy suites, you get more delicious moreness every morning
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welcome back. one of the great things we are seeing out here tonight and many of you who have driven across the old bay bridge this evening have seen all the lights on them at the skyway for the new bay bridge. they've been tested before, but tonight they're on. really those lights put the new bay bridge in the same lake as the white house, the statue of liberty and yankee stadium. our reporter elizabeth cook tells us the same company was involved in all of those lighting jobs. >> i think it'll be the most spectacularly-lit bridge around. >> reporter: but it hasn't been easy says chris burge who runs the valley company task with lighting the bridge. >> when we did this bridge, we thought the lighting wouldn't be an issue at all and we later found out that the lighting would be a huge issue. >> reporter: the issue?
10:22 pm
the bridge is a blend of functionality and art that was so advanced that every other company turned the job down. >> i think no one wanted the blame for the poorly-lit bridge, so we're trying to get good uniformity out here to a much higher standard than your average roadway. >> reporter: sure, so every part of the roadway is lit in >> exactly. that's the goal. >> reporter: to achieve that goal, he needed the help of moscow lighting that also lit up the white house, yankee stadium and the statue of liberty. >> reporter: but this is this stadium that caught his eyes. >> when nascar wanted lights for their races at night, people said not possible. you'll blind the drivers and everyone will crash. they proved it was possible and in fact they've done it and they lit up the nascar track. >> three, two, one. >> reporter: they have pushed lighting technology to the next level. the new bridge will use 48,000
10:23 pm
high intensity l.e.d. lamps, individually aimed to avoid glare for drivers. l.e.d.s use less energy and predicted to last up to 15 years compared to lamps on the western span, which have to be replaced every two years or so. >> i think it's going to be a much more even light out here. it actually makes it a lot safer. >> reporter: when you see the lights go on september 3 for the first time, what's that going to feel like? >> yeah, it'll be a big relief. >> reporter: so the lights are a part of the story here tonight. our shots from above had just shown the beauty of this bridge from a way that you'll begin to see as things roll out in the months to come. one of the things that's happening tonight and there you're getting a look of it. the old bay bridge, the iconic western span of the bay bridge. this bay bridge light project is something folks have been working on. you'll begin to see these l.e.d. lights hanging from the
10:24 pm
suspender cables on the bridge. san francisco residence have noticed a test of this on recent nights. one guy was talking with us saying anyone living on the water front will be thankful because the property values will go up when these things go on because it's something to see. >> yes, some of the testing that has been going on. it looks like wave actions as the lights sort of oscillate. these are l.e.d.s, low energy, but high intensity. >> yes, programmed to do all sorts of things. it's active art done with l.e.d. lights on the existing structure of the bridge. it's spectacular when you look at these the image that's creating there, the bridge itself. >> unbelievable. we'll be back with more from the eastern span of the bay bridge right after this. ,,,, [ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad
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♪ and it's beautiful to deposit checks from anywhere. [ wind howling ] easier than actually going to the bank. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank. back live on the new
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eastern span of the bay bridge. yeah, it's cold enough to see your breath on this side. paul, what's weather on your side of the tower looking like? >> reporter: you know ken, that's actually a really good question because the engineers who built this bridge found out something very interesting. yes, we live in the area with many microclimates. but what they found was there are different microclimates even on this bridge. the buena island side has a whole different wind profile than the oakland side. they had to engineer around that. we'll have more in half an hour. we'll get you through your forecast tonight because it's amazingly calm outside. there's a reason for it. a large dome of high pressure, but that calm condition, they will also give us chillier temperatures tonight. we'll take you outside with the current temperatures right now. generally in the mid to upper 40s, looking at 49 degrees for oakland, 49 san francisco, 42 for santa rosa and san jose currently 48. it will be a chilly night
10:28 pm
tonight, especially away from the water. santa rosa will drop down to 45. pacifica down to 46. san francisco 45 and san jose dropping down to 39 degrees for tonight. for the past week or so, we've been talking about the big ridge of high pressure. it'll still keep us dry tomorrow, but it's beginning to move away. as that process happens, we get a stronger on shore flow. what to expect tomorrow, mainly sunny and mild, especially inland with temperatures in the high 60s. the flow from the ocean increases and likely increases from the bridge itself. we'll have cooler weather moving in by midweek and showers for the first time all month long. rain showers. that will likely happen on thursday. highs tomorrow, look at this range, we're looking at 62% for san jose. concordat 61. right on the coastline, 51. 54 downtown passive that and vallejo at 59 degrees. your extended forecast, mid to upper 50s for the bay through wednesday. we'll stay dry for the next three days as we slowly
10:29 pm
increase the clouds and increase that on shore flow. now we're looking at showers possible on thursday, likely lasting into friday morning. as we head towards next weekend, yes, we'll be dry, just like this weekend, but not nearly as warm. looking at highs back to the mid-50s. i frankly wasn't expecting this as we knew it would be windy out, not that windy out, but a peak wind gust of only 4.5 miles an hour over the past two hours. that's about as calm as it will get on the bay bridge. back to you, ken. >> all right, thank you. watching the game just a little while ago. >> we'll be back with more after this. ,,


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